Invenergy Updates Canisteo Town Board

April 11, 2017

CANISTEO, NY – The Canisteo town board had an unexpected visitor Monday night. Invenergy’s Marguerite Wells gave an update to the proposed Canisteo Wind Energy Project that is planning to have a maximum generating capability of 290.7 MW from an estimated 90 wind turbines located on land leased from owners of private property located in the Towns of Cameron, Canisteo, Greenwood, Jasper, Troupsburg, and West Union in Steuben County.

CWE expects its project will operate at an annual net capacity factor of 32%. This means the project, if built at the maximum expected generating capacity of 290.7 MW, would generate approximately 814,000 megawatt hours of energy per year.

Town Supervisor Steve Weed noted that it will be none to early when he sees propellers rolling through downtown Canisteo. “I can’t wait till the day I look out my window and see trucks with giant propellers rolling by,” commented Weed, “The sooner the better!”

According to Wells, a number of studies on wildlife are scheduled and need to be completed before any ground breaking can takes place. Wells concluded, “By far, New York and California are the hardest states to get things approved and get the ball rolling.”

Also it was announced that there will be a town hall meeting with Senator Tom O’Mara on April 27th at 5pm in Somers Hall. If an extra-large turnout is anticipated, the board will host the meeting at the Canisteo Legion.