Invenergy Visits Hartsville’s Town Board Meeting Wednesday

May 9th, 2018

HARTSVILLE NY – The Hartsville monthly board meeting opened with a presentation/question and answer period from representative Eric Miller from Invenergy. Miller, filling in for regular company spokesperson Marguerite Wells, gave a brief summary and update about progress on the Canisteo Wind Project.

Although Invenergy has no plans to erect windmills in the Hartsville Township, they are required to go to any adjacent communities that may be affected by the project and give updates and answer questions.

Invenergy is the company behind the Canisteo Wind Energy Center which plan on erecting towers on huge swaths of land in Canisteo, Cameron, Greenwood, Jasper, Troupsburg, and West Union. Hartsville is currently not a part of this project due to restrictive wind laws and overall negative views on the matter.

Miller explained that they plan on constructing between 90-130 turbines at a height between 525-595 feet. Generating capacity will be up to 290 megawatts which will power 113,000 New York households.

Also they anticipate adding 150 construction jobs and 10-14 permanent jobs. The economic impact will be roughly an additional $4.9 million per year for landowners, local schools, towns, counties, and fire districts. Miller estimates construction on the project starting in 2019 with commercial operations beginning the following year.

Another topic of concern that was heavily discussed was building permit cost and procedures. Some questions were whether to bring the costs of the permits up to that of other similar sized townships, and also the possibility of giving the Town Clerk the authority to sell the permits out of the Town Hall. There will be more on this in later meetings.

And finally, the board made their financial balance sheet public as of April 30th, 2018. They currently have fund surplus of $484,972.02 dispersed between several accounts. For a breakdown and details of the accounts anyone can obtain the sheet at the Town Hall during operating hours.