Isaman Says Hornellsville Lawsuits Are Expensive

Ken Isaman: Lawsuits Are Expensive To Defend
April 9, 2014

Hornellsville Town Supervisor Ken Isaman says the lawsuits brought by on Larry Hot Dog Stephens and Brian Gotchall are costing taxpayers extra money, above and beyond the normal legal expenses.

Gothall is suing Hornellsville over a dispute on the way garbage was left on his property, Stephens is suing over the way freedom of information requests are handled and over the BOCES road.

At Tuesday night’s meeting, Larry Stephens showed up with his camera and asked more questions
about the BOCES road project (which has never been completed). Also, North Hornell Village Trustee
Frank Libordi showed up and reiterated his concerns about a 2013 political ad in a newspaper, which Isaman had printed to respond to the claims that Stephens had been making in that particular newspaper.
Isaman had stated previously at a past meeting, that he had already reimbursed the Town of Hornellsville for those expenses.

Libordi said he did not want to see that happening again, Isaman told Libordi ​the Association of Towns was “grey” on how that was handled.