Ithaca Police Review Panel, Includes Former NYC Man, Who Fatally Shot An NYPD Officer In 1981

March 31, 2021

Joint Statement From State Senate GOP Leader Robert Ort And State Senator Tom O’Mara:

“The appointment of NYPD cop killer Richard Rivera to one of Governor Cuomo’s so-called “Police Reform” boards in Ithaca and Tompkins County is a punch in the gut to police officers around New York State and their families. We understand the importance of second chances. But a second chance should never include giving power over police reform to a cold-blooded criminal who killed a member of our law enforcement community execution-style. It is completely inappropriate, and he should be removed immediately.

“Mr. Rivera never should have been appointed to this police reform board. The only value he brings is a shock factor to appease anti-police activists. We proudly support our men and women in law enforcement. These attacks against our police must stop.”