It’s Election Day

November 6 2018

Today is Tuesday, November 6th, it’s Election Day. Here is the list of candidates running today:

Democrat Andrew Cuomo
Republican Marc Molinaro
Libertarian Larry Sharpe
Green party Candidate Howie Hawkins
The Serve America Party’s Stephanie Miner

Lt. Governor:
Democrat Kathy Hochul
Republican Julie Killian
The Green Party’s Jia Lee
Libertarian Michael Volpe

State Comptroller:
Democrat Tom Dinapoli
Republican Jonathan Trichter
Green Party’s Mark Dunlea
Libertarian Cruger Gulleudet

State Attorney General candidates
Democrat Tish James
Republican Keith Wofford
Reform party’s Nancy Sliwa
Libertarian Christopher Garvey

U.S. Senatge
Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Republican Chele Farley

U.S. House of Representatives
Republican Congressman Tom Reed
Democrat Tracy Mitrano

State Supreme Court Judge
Democrats Christopher Ciaccho and Patricia Gallagher
Republicans Anne Marie Taddeo and Vicky Argento

State Senate
Republican State Senator Tom O’Mara
Democrat Amanda Kirchgessner

Assembly 133rd
Democrat Barbara Baer
Republican Marjorie Byrnes
Assemblyman Joe Errigo is still on the ballot, but is not campaigning any more

Steuben County Judge candidate
Republican Chauncey Watches
Reform Party candidate Matthew McCarthy

The county coroner’s race is unopposed
Al Lewis is running for re-election

Allegany county
Tax collector candidate republican Shelly Stevens