It’s Official – Heroes Banner Program Coming to Canisteo

August 7, 2017

CANISTEO, NY – The sole resolution passed at Monday night’s Canisteo Village Board meeting was the approval of a Heroes Banner program. The program will place banners on poles similar to North Hornell and other local villages that recognize veterans from that particular community.

According to Mayor Recktenwald, there will be no cost to the village other that the DPW labor for putting them up, with individual families responsible for their purchase. Each banner will cost somewhere around $175. There are different sizes of banners and whatever size the village decides on all will abide by that. The banners will be seasonal, going up in the spring and coming down in the fall.

In order for the program to begin; at least 15 families have to file requests, and that could take some time. Once the minimum number of banners is requested, an order is placed and then it takes about two weeks to receive them. Notifications about the program will be included in the next water bill from the village.