Joe Sempolinski Reacts To News That NYS Is Losing A Congressional Seat

April 26, 2021

From Potential Congressional Candidate Joe Sempolinski
Comments On The Democrat Failures That Cost New York A Congressional Seat

Today we learned that New York State would be losing a seat in the United States House of Representatives due to the impact of the 2020 Census. Steuben County Republican Party Chairman Joe Sempolinski – who has been actively exploring a potential run for the 23rd district congressional seat – commented that this loss of representation is a direct result of the failures of Democrat Party policy.

“The Cuomo Democrat machine in Albany has repeatedly failed us and now their failures include a loss of another seat in Congress” Sempolinski stated. “People have been fleeing in droves to states where common sense, conservative policies still hold sway. The failed Socialist ideology of the modern Democratic Party that currently controls both Albany and Washington must be stopped. The sad results that we have seen in New York State will be the fate of the nation unless a Republican majority is restored in Congress in 2022.“

Nevertheless, Sempolinski was undeterred in his exploration of a potential run for Congress.

“We need a Constitutional Common Sense Conservative, who doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit, to represent this region. The response, as I have been out and about listening to the people of the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier, has been tremendous. I will continue listening to the voters. There is no one better equipped to represent this region. I will continue exploring a potential campaign to represent the region that I have spent my entire career fighting for.

We don’t know what this district will look like after the redistricting process is completed. We need to make sure everyone in this region makes their voice heard. We need to continue to have a rural, small town district for the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier.”
Sempolinski was born in Elmira and raised in the Painted Post area. He currently lives in Canisteo with his wife Angie and daughters Joselyn and Madelyn. He is a graduate of what was then Corning – Painted Post West High School and holds degrees from Georgetown University and Yale University. He has served as the chairman of the Steuben County Republican Committee since 2016. He served as the District Director for this congressional district from 2010 to 2015.