April 27, 2021 – Allegany County Reports A Covid Patient Has Died

From The Allegany Co Hope FB Page:

Another COVID-19 death was reported for Allegany County yesterday, first-dose vaccine administration percentages remain stuck for a second day in a row, and a new cases surge of the prior four weeks has either peaked or paused.
This all has occurred over the weekend as we analyze state and partial county data which became available today.
The non-nursing home-related death was recorded by the State Health Department as occurring within the county, bringing the total for all fatalities to date to 84, and the second this month.
The death also boosts the county’s fatalities standing in the state from 19th to 17th, from the top, although the ranking among the 40 Upstate New York counties north of Orange and Dutchess remains at 9th. The county’s population is 52nd out of 62 counties in the state.