Sen Borrello: NYC Dems Are To Blame

April 27, 2021

From State Senator George Borrello:

U.S. Census report confirmed that New York’s outmigration is continuing, as residents and employers seek states with lower taxes, thriving economies and greater opportunities. While some may take heart that we didn’t lose the two seats many were predicting, trying to spin a ‘loss’ as a ‘win’ is a sad concession that we’ve set the bar for New York’s future far too low.
“By all accounts, New York’s Democratic leaders aren’t prepared to reverse the policies that have created this decline. Just the opposite: the Governor and New York City-controlled Legislature just authored and passed a budget that doubles down on their tax and spend strategy, with unprecedented increases in the personal income and corporate tax rates and unsustainable levels of spending. It is a budget that will act as an accelerant to the exodus that is clearly occurring.
“We need only look to the states who are the beneficiaries of the flight from New York – Florida, Texas, North Carolina, among others – to see what is luring away our citizens and our jobs. It isn’t complicated: they offer low personal income and property taxes and business policies that stimulate, rather than stifle, expansion and investment.
“We have the opportunity to heed the warnings in this data and commit ourselves to a government that will stop bowing to radical special interests and, instead, prioritize the pro-growth policies we need to reverse our population loss and secure our future.”