Judge McAllister Will Announce His Decision Tomorrow

May 10, 2022
By Jasmine Willis

BATH, NY – In closing statements Heather McKay who represents Gov. Hochul asked the judge not listen to all the “conspiracy theories” made today. Attorney Aaron Foldenauer who represents Gavin Wax said all candidates are in the same boat and the maps need to be redrawn and there is plenty of time to do so.
The ballots are not finalized and there is still time to get it all done.

Attorney Jim Walden who represents Democrat activist Gary Greenberg said three points need to be made. Wait until July 8 to send the ballots overseas to military personnel. Change primaries from June 28 to Aug. 23 to give time to redraw the maps. Change all the races to make a fair constitutional map in all three categories; Congress, Senate and Assembly.

Attorney George Winner claims that the accusations made against them about a “deal” is outrageous and untrue. There is not proof this back room deal happened. He was offended by the accusations made against them. He claims all three maps are fair and a success for all candidates involved. “In closing legal counsel has determined that what has happened is unconstitutional and will set a presidents for all future elections in our state”. Winner said.

Judge McAllister has reserved his right to make a decision involving redrawing the assembly maps in written form tomorrow.