Ken Isaman Resigns From County Risk Manager Job

August 26, 2014

STEUBEN COUNTY, NY – Hornellsville Town Supervisor Ken Isaman has just resigned from his Steuben County Risk Manager job, effective immediately.

Isaman says the risk manager position paid about $70,000.   However, Isaman also says he’s committed to staying on as Hornellsville Town Supervisor, which pays about $13,000, year, which is about $57,000 less than what Isaman made as risk manager.

This decision comes after a lawsuit was filed by local businessman Larry “Hot Dog” Stephens and North Hornell Village Trustee Frank Libordi.  That lawsuit demanded that Isaman resign one of his positions, either the risk manager post or the supervisor’s job, because of an alleged conflict of holding both of those jobs.  The lawsuit quotes a 1999 informal opinion about a Sullivan County Risk Manager, who was also a town supervisor in Sullivan County in 1999.

This newest lawsuit is the latest legal proceeding against Hornellsville from Stephens.  Stephens has sued the Town of Hornellsville over freedom of information requests and the way Hornellsville Town Hall is run.  Also, a lawsuit against Hornellsville was filed a couple of years ago, by local garbage man Brian Gotchall, because the Hornellsville Health Officer shut down Gotchall’s garbage site.

Isaman says his resignation from the county, will prevent the Town of Hornellsville and Steuben County government from having to deal with the latest lawsuit from Libordi and Stephens.  Isaman also says that being out of the Risk Manager’s position will stop Libordi and Stephens from suing him personally, as Isaman was specifically named in the suit.