Langworthy’s Votes On Key Legislation This Week

January 27, 2023

Congressman Nick Langworthy has supported two bipartisan bills sponsored by the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability – the Chance to Compete Act and the Settlement Agreement Information Database. These bills will require federal agencies to have the tools to provide objective, skills-based assessments to evaluate job candidates and to form a public database with information on consent decrees and settlement agreements. “These bipartisan bills are a no brainer to strengthen the trust in our federal agencies and provide equal opportunities to a skilled workforce without a higher education degree,” said Congressman Langworthy. “We should be empowering individuals to seek employment within our government regardless of their educational background and provide true transparency on agency settlement agreements. I applaud my colleagues in choosing to side with the American taxpayer.

From reading the bills over, the Database bill, if passed, would create a way for members of congress to find out when lawsuits are settled out of court by government agencies. “Right now it’s impossible to find out”, Langworthy says, about getting information from federal agency officials, about financial settlements which are made, to keep government agencies out of the headlines. As for the job applications legislation, that would allow people who have the talent and capability needed to work Washington D.C. government jobs – but don’t have colleges degrees – to land the job anyway (without the higher degree).