Libordi, Isaman, the Old Tax Collector and the D.A.

Libordi’s FOIL Request on Tax Collector, D.A. Says No Crime

December 11, 2013

HORNELLSVILLE, NY – North Hornell Village Trustee Frank Libordi (R) has been making freedom of information requests of the Hornellsville Town Board, about the former Hornellsville Tax Collector. At Tuesday night’s Hornellsville Town Board meeting, Libordi stated that he had made a freedom of information request to see if there had been any agreement between the former tax collector about paying back several taxpayers. Libordi also said that the answer he received from the Hornellsville Clerk was not true. “Clearly you have the documents that should have been turned over,” Libordi told Town Supervisor Ken Isaman (R). “On April 10, 2013, from the Town of Hornellsville,on your heading, it says that the tax collector will owe a summary of accounts, an account owed by you, for the tax year 2012,” Libordi stated, during last night’s public comment period. “And then at the base of the calculations, it says the total owed by the tax collector: $1599,” said Libordi.


Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker told WLEA News that at the request of the Steuben County Attorney, the D.A.’s office did an investigation of the former tax collector. Baker says he found no evidence of criminal behavior. “Funds were mishandled. Basically, they were put in wrong accounts, some checks were said to be lost within the office. By and large, it was a case of very, very sloppy book keeping. In the end, we couldn’t find any indication of criminal intent,” Baker said. “In the end, it is a situation that’s best (left) between the employer and the employee.”