Wind Update For Hornellsville/Fracking Update For Alfred

Differences of Opinon:
Hornellsville Town Board: Pro-Wind
Hartsville Town Board: Anti-Wind
Alfred Village Board: Anti-Fracking

December 11, 2013

While the majority on the Hartsville Town Board don’t describe themselves as being officially “anti-wind”, they are lukewarm at best, and are definitely not as interested as officials on the Hornellsville Town Board towards getting a wind project up and running with Everpower. Add to that, Everpower Wind’s Kevin Sheen has made it clear that Everpower wants wind farms for both Hartsville and Hornellsville, and you get what seem to be strong differences of opinion on what is best for the area. This is not the first time that Hornellsville has met with Everpower this year. In September, Kevin Sheen gave a presentation at the Hornellsville Town Hall regarding a possible Hornellsville/Hartsville project Isaman and his board are actively courting the wind company, while Hartsville officials seem much more skeptical.

At Tuesday night’s Hornellsville Town Board meeting, Supervisor Isaman and the board discussed the December 3rd planning board meeting with Everpower. Hornellsville officials say the proposed project calls for 10 wind turbines for Hornellsville and 20 turbines for Hartsville. Isaman disclosed at last night’s Hornellsville meeting that wind officials say there is a better atmosphere now for wind, then there was two or three years ago, and that the project would be worked out as a PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) agreement between Steuben County, the Town of Hornellsville, and the school (Arkport Central).


In the Village of Alfred, in addition to the Town of Alfred, they have a moratorium on hydrofracking. Alfred Village Mayor Justin Grigg (D) says that village fracking moratorium will end in the spring of 2014, and that Alfred Village officials are looking to block fracking from happening. “We received counsel, on how to alter our zoning, in order to permanently prevent hydrofracking and related activities in the village,” Grigg told WLEA News last night.