Lockdown Of Hornell Schools Was Over Quickly

April 7, 2022


HORNELL, NY – Hornell Schools were briefly under a lockdown a short time ago, but the schools are no longer in lockdown mode.  Hornell Police say the schools were under a lockdown for less than five minutes, and that for that short period of time, all of the schools in Hornell were under lockdown. 

The cause of this, according to Hornell Police Chief Ted Murray, was that there was an unfounded complaint call about a shooting situation in the Town of Hornellsvillle, North of North Hornell, and from what they can tell at this point, there was no shooting at all.  “9-1-1 ended up with a report earlier today of an incident that was outside the City of Hornell, alleging that there was a violent incident that occurred,” Murray told to Wlea News.  “Just as a precautionary measure, we always do this, we locked down our schools.  So we did that as a precaution.  Since then, we’ve found out that the incident that was reported, was completely unfounded, and there was no violent incident, and there was no situation of violence.”

State Police are investigating.