Lt. Gov Hochul: There’ll Be Turnover, The Governor And I Have Not Been Close

August 11, 2021

ALBANY, NY – Speaking to a room full of reporters, and reporters connected to her press conference by Zoom, Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul spoke for three minutes, than took questions. Hochul was asked by the Buffalo News, how she felt about havng to have to wait two weeks, before taking over as the next governor of New York State. “It’s not what I asked for, however, I’m looking forward to a smooth transition, which he promised,” Hochul said. “He spoke to me about wanting the transition to continuity to be important, that I have an opportunity to meet the cabinet officials as well. They viewed it as necessary, I’m prepared to take office, as any Lt. Governor is, from the very first hour I’m sworn in as Lt. Governor. However, I’ll take advantage of that time, and to continue to engage with the people of the state of New York. I have a vision, I’m going to continue to develop that, and at the end of 14 days, I look forward to coming back to a venue like this.”

The Lt. Governor was also sked if she would consider a pardon, Hochul replied that it’s far too premature to have those conversations.

Hochul also stated that “No one who is named in the (Attorney Generals) report, will remain in my administration.”

Regarding questions on policy, Kathy Hochul said it’s too early and that there is only one governor at a time.