Marc Molinaro Fact Checks Gov. Cuomo’s Molinaro Ad

August 27, 2018

Statement From the Marc Molinaro Campaign:


CUOMO AD: “Donald Trump is attacking New York, our values and rights. And now his puppet Marc Molinaro is running for Governor. Marc Molinaro is just like Trump.”

FALSE: Marc did not vote for President Trump and has been on the record with that fact, repeatedly. Donald Trump has not donated to his campaign. Governor Cuomo, on the other hand, has accepted $64,000 in political donations from Mr. Trump.

Newsday: “He didn’t vote for President Donald Trump.”

Gotham Gazette: “Molinaro has said he did not vote for Trump in 2016, instead writing in former Congressional Rep. Chris Gibson, who at one time was many New York Republicans’ hope to challenge Cuomo this year. Gibson decided against running. Molinaro’s opposition to Trump has not stopped many Republican leaders from supporting him.”

City & State: “Molinaro said he did not vote for Trump in 2016, but wrote in the name of former Rep. Chris Gibson, who himself was considered a potential 2018 gubernatorial candidate.”

Politico: “Molinaro explains why he didn’t vote for Trump, assails Cuomo”

CUOMO AD: “He opposes a woman’s right to chose”

FALSE: Marc believes that the issue is “settled law” in the state.

Newsday: “The Dutchess County executive says he would, for example, enforce abortion rights protected by law, but would not expand access to late-term abortions.”

Gotham Gazette: “On abortion rights Molinaro said somewhat similarly. He believes in “preserving life,” he said, “but I accept that there are certain situations where individuals need to be able to make that decision, but I also accept that this is settled law in the state.”

“I’d like us to work as a society, as a community, to reduce the numbers and times that abortion is chosen,” he added. “It’s not something that I could support personally, and I don’t, but I acknowledge that as a society we need to do our very best to help people make as many responsible decisions as possible and there are certain situations, obviously, where women are put into a position having to make that decision. As a government we need to be sure that individuals have access to affordable healthcare to ensure that they’re as safe and healthy as possible.”

CUOMO AD: “He opposes marriage equality”

FALSE: Molinaro is on record calling same sex marriage a basic civil right. Like President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo, he at one point opposed same sex marriage, but his positioned evolved as did theirs. If the language in the ad were accurate, Andrew Cuomo opposes marriage equality.

Newsday: “Molinaro considers gay marriage and protections for gay, bisexual and transgender people as basic civil rights.”

Gotham Gazette: “When I was in the Assembly I did vote against same-sex marriage,” he said of the 2011 vote that moved through what is perhaps Cuomo’s signature policy achievement of his tenure. “I think that we’ve moved along. Everyone now enjoys and has the right to enjoy marriage. To celebrate whoever, with whomever they love. I accept that and as an elected official it’s my job to uphold the laws of the state of New York. I don’t have any reservations about the vote. I also accept that time has passed. As a society we’ve moved forward.”

City & State: “Molinaro, who as an assemblyman voted against same-sex marriage in 2011, also said that his views had “evolved” on the subject, “like Andrew Cuomo, like Hillary Clinton, like Barack Obama.”

CUOMO AD: “Has an A Rating from the NRA And opposes reasonable gun laws.”

THE TRUTH: Marc is currently not rated by the NRA, but he has received “A” ratings in the past. Marc has refused to take campaign donations from the NRA.

Newsday: “He defends the right of the National Rifle Association to be included in discussion of gun control and school safety. But he refuses to take campaign contributions from the NRA.”

CUOMO AD: “Molinaro even supported Trump’s tax plan that will raise New York income and property tax by as much as 30%”

FALSE: Marc is on the record over and over again opposing the federal tax changes.

Hudson Valley Press: “New York is not America’s piggy bank. The elimination of SALT is little more than an exercise in political score settling and a craven choice to avoid tough decisions. I for one won’t support a tax plan that finances a tax cut for Roy Moore’s Alabama on the back of middle class New Yorkers.”

Molinaro: NY is Not America’s Piggy Bank

LOHUD: “Beyond tone, Molinaro differs with Cuomo on approach, even where they may agree on policy. The Trump administration’s $10,000 cap on SALT (property and income tax) deductions will hurt New Yorkers, Molinaro said, and he lobbied against it.”

State of Politics: Molinaro, along with Democrats Dan McCoy of Albany County and Steve Bellone of Suffolk County, criticized the federal tax overhaul in Washington that ends deductions of state and local taxes, known as SALT, at a news conference.

County Execs Have SALT Concerns

News 10: County executives speak out on GOP tax plan

CUOMO AD: “And just like Trump he won’t release his past tax returns”

FALSE: Molinaro has released his tax returns. And as a County Executive, state legislator, county legislator and Mayor, he has been filing detailed ethics disclosure forms and income brackets for almost his entire career. And unlike Governor Cuomo, who when he first ran for Governor in 2010, held off on disclosing his taxes, Molinaro released his own right after enetering the race.

Albany Times Union: “Republican candidate Molinaro releases tax returns”

NPR: “Marc Molinaro, the presumptive Republican candidate for governor, released his tax returns for 2017”

Daily Freeman: ELECTION 2018: Molinaro tax return shows he and wife earned about $174,000 In 2017

CUOMO AD: “A Trump mini me for Governor, No way, no how.”