Margaret Horan Sues Arkport Village Board

November 30, 2018

ARKPORT, NY – Arkport Village resident, former village clerk Margaret Horan is suing the Arkport Village Board. That’s because Arkport officials don’t want Horan’s property to become the site for a new Dollar General Store. (Village officials aren’t the only ones who dislike the idea, as dozens of Arkport residents have shown up at previous meetings, voicing strong opposition to Horan’s plan.)

Horan is claiming that her property is zoned as commercial. We’re told that Steuben County has zoned the area as commercial, and that the Arkport Village Zoning Board lists the property as being in an agricultural zone.

Margaret Horan is being represented by Allegany County Attorney, Richard Buck Jr.
The Arkport Village Hall Attorney is John Vogel of Dansville.