Marjorie Byrnes: Errigo Should Resign

October 10, 2018

Statement From Republican Assembly Candidate Marjorie Byrnes:

“I was grieved to hear of the serious allegations that have been lodged against Assemblyman Joe Errigo. And, if true, I am angered that another one of our elected officials would view his public service as a means of lining his pockets with tainted profit. The profiteering of some public officials is causing jaded cynicism among the electorate. It must end.”

“Bribery and public corruption are exactly why I support term limits for all elected officials. Our Founding Fathers intended for a citizen legislature where real people serve the public for a limited amount of time before returning to their farms or other business interests. I pledge to serve no more than three, two-year terms. We don’t need politicians collecting envelopes full of cash, but people that seek the state’s best interests.”

“The criminal complaint indicates that Mr. Errigo admitted to accepting a bribe and that he knew it was wrong. Based upon this admission, Mr. Errigo should immediately resign his seat.”