Max Della Pia And Allegany Co Dems: Social Security At Stake

October 25, 2022

Both Democrat congressional candidate Max Della Pia and the Allegany County Democrats, have issued statements, warning voters that they believe that if the Republicans win in Congress, the GOP’s plans are to shut down the government and/or reduce senior citizens social security.

From Max Della Pia: “This year’s campaign has been jolted by the fact that Republicans are looking to hold the debt ceiling hostage which will result in the tanking of our economy. On top of this Republicans and my opponent want to restructure and reduce Social Security and Medicare, and subject them to a vote every year or every five years. To add insult to injury, the Republicans want to reverse the recent, hard-fought reduction of prescription drug costs for Seniors and
the $35/month cost-cap for insulin. This shows that the Republican party will risk tanking the economy to deny Social Security and Medicare for millions of Americans.”