Sempolinski: The CDC’s Recent Vax Decision

October 25, 2022

Statement From Congressman Joe Sempolinski (R, Canisteo)

“I am deeply concerned that the recommendation from the CDC to include the Covid-19 vaccine in the scheduled vaccines for school-aged children will be used by states, government entities, or other institutions to impose a Covid-19 vaccine mandate on our children. There are many reasons why a parent may not want their child to get the vaccine, and it is not the government’s place to force that decision on parents,” said Sempolinski. “I want to make it clear that I am not opposed to the vaccine. If you want to get your children vaccinated, then go right ahead. Where I stand opposed is when the government forces our children to get a relatively new vaccine. A vaccine from a virus that largely does not affect children. As the President has said, Covid is over, so now is the time to loosen restrictions, not put more heavy-handed government mandates on our lives and our children’s lives.”