Mayor Buckley: Please Don’t Trick Or Treat This Year

October 20, 2020

City does not set trick or treat hours this year, asks residents to refrain from trick or treating in light of increasing COVID-19 numbers.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the increase in cases in our area in recent weeks the City of Hornell Common Council will not set Trick or Treat hours for the City this year. The CDC considers door to door trick or treating to be a high-risk activity that has the potential to increase community spread, the last thing the Mayor and City Council members want to do is put our community at risk.

“Given the fact that COVID-19 cases are rapidly increasing in the Hornell area, I strongly urge residents not to participate in trick or treating this year. With such an emphasis on social distancing and keeping activities within one’s own family unit, trick or treating is the exact opposite. The last thing we want to do is encourage an activity could add to community spread and would threaten the health and wellbeing of our residents.”

“Now is the time to come together as a community and do everything we can to keep our schools and community open, and prevent more loved ones from being lost.”

– Mayor John Buckley

We strongly encourage residents to consider some of these lower risk alternatives when celebrating Halloween this year:

These lower risk activities can be safe alternatives:
• Carving or decorating pumpkins with members of your household and displaying them
• Carving or decorating pumpkins outside, at a safe distance, with neighbors or friends
• Decorating your house, apartment, or living space
• Having a virtual Halloween costume contest
• Having a Halloween movie night with people you live with
• Having a scavenger hunt-style trick-or-treat search with your household members in or around your home rather than going house to house

John J. Buckley
City of Hornell
607 324 7421