Mayor Buckley’s Statement About Rich Argentieri’s Announcement In The Spectator

April 1, 2021

(Note: Mayor Buckley Says This Is A Response Statements Reportedly Made By Rich Argentieri In The Spectator, Not Argentieri’s Statement From Yesterday On Wlea.net)

Click Here To See Spectator Story That Buckley Refers To, In Buckley’s Statement Below:
From Mayor John Buckley:

In January of 2018, I was humbled and honored to take the oath of office to serve this great community. I am so proud of the accomplishments we have achieved, the challenges overcome, and the relationships formed during my first term and hope to build upon that success in seeking a second term as Mayor.

In my three-plus years in office, I have always kept a positive attitude and outlook when dealing with issues as they arise. Whether it was fiscal problems I inherited, the aftermath of devastating fires, or guiding the City through a pandemic, just to name a few, I have always put my best foot forward and worked for the betterment of our great City. I have always been honest and up front with residents and will continue to do so.

I was so disheartened to read the many false allegations in my opponent’s recent announcement to run for Mayor. Please allow me to set the record straight; In his statement, Mr. Argentieri complains about recent tax increases and a citywide revaluation. What he failed to mention is that he voted for every tax increase that he is complaining about. He also voted to authorize the revaluation. This is tantamount to jumping into a swimming pool and then complaining about getting wet.

Mr. Argentieri also makes the false claim that City services have been lessened. Not only is this unequivocally false, it is a slap in the face to each and every City employee. Whether its water, sewer and DPW, or police, fire and ambulance, City services have not lessened at all. In fact, we have been strengthening our City departments by adding new personnel, new equipment and improving our infrastructure. With the passage of our new budget, which has no tax increase, we will do even more.

Mr. Argentieri went on to accuse me of making decisions in a “partisan manner”. The fact is, out of the seven sub committees of the Common Council, I appointed four Democrats to chair those committees and only three Republicans to do so. I have no control over who is elected to the Council – the voters do. I have shown an ability and willingness to work with anyone and everyone, regardless of political party, to improve the quality of life for our residents.

While my opponent desperately attempts to weave false narratives and complain about the very things he voted for, I will hold my head high and continue the hard work to keep our City moving in a positive direction.

Thank you,

John J Buckley
City of Hornell
607 324 7421