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Mayor Shawn Hogan: Anti Drug House Policy To Affect Landlords Properties

December 11, 2014

HORNELL, NY –  According to Mayor Shawn Hogan, the house at 6 McDougal Avenue, where five people were recently arrested for alleged possession of bath salts, that house is going to be considered nuisance property.

The mayor says the property there won’t be able to be rented out for some time, and Hogan says, that goes for all residences where there are arrests of a serious nature.   “Those properties will be closed down and won’t be reoccupied for a year under our code, and we fully intend to enforce that,” Hogan said during this morning’s Public Safety Meeting.

“I  know that landlords will say ‘well we didn’t understand it (drugs) was taking place.’  Well, visit the properties more than once a month to pick up the check,” Hogan stated.

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