Medical Marijauna Legalized For Veterans With PTSD

November 13, 2017


Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed into law, a bill to allows military vets with PTSD to use medical marijuana.  “Many of our veterans are suffering from PTSD and the medical community has determined that marijuana can be a helpful treatment in some areas and part of our commitment to do everything we can do. If there are veterans that are suffering and we can make a treatment available, we want to. So, I am going to sign that law today and as of today, marijuana will be legalize if a doctor authorizes and finds the condition of PTSD for a veteran and I think that can help thousands of veterans. It’s something that we’ve been talking about for a long time and I’m glad we’re taking action today.”

Also, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is trying to get two laws passed for veterans, that would help vets get jobs in federal agencies and another that would make it so an employer could be sued, if a soldier comes back to work and does not get the same pay and benefits as before.