Muhleisen: Everpower Is Pulling Hartsville From Wind Project

May 14, 2015

HARTSVILLE, NY – According to Hartsville Town Supervisor Mike Muhleisen, it appears that Everpower Wind may be pulling Hartsville from being part of the Baron Winds Wind Project.

Supervisor Muhleisen says that last month, the Hartsville Town Board submitted a resolution to the state’s siting board website, that stated that the Town of Hartsville is now an unwilling host.  The reason: the board claimed that Everpower did not want to work within the Hartsville Town wind law.

In January of this year, Sheen told the Hartsville Board that the wind law’s rule of having 2500 feet away,  was too far of a setback.  Click here to see video of that statement.

Muhleisen says that after checking the state’s PIP or public involvement program website, he finds that Hartsville is no longer in the Baron Hills Wind Project.

UPDATE: 11:53pm: WLEA has heard back from Kevin Sheen at Everpower, who provided us with the following statement:

The Town Supervisor is correct, Hartsville is no longer identified as a “host municipality” in the public participation plan for the Baron Winds Project.  For the Baron Winds Project, we are focusing on our work and outreach in the Towns of Wayland, Cohocton, Avoca and Fremont.  However, we have had a great deal of interest in Hartsville from landowners and may pursue other projects in that area in the future.