Mysterious Letter To “Grandpa Tony”

December 4, 2020

7:34am Update: Grandpa Tony has been identified!  More info will be released sometime today.   
12:10pm Update: From the Hornell FB Page:
Exciting news! The letter has been delivered and our holiday mystery has been solved!
Papa Tony has been found and he has received his letter from Jericho and Andrea. Thank you for all the help solving our mystery!
Isn’t it a small world when a letter from California gets sent to the wrong address in Hornell, NY, ends up at the Intermediate School, someone in California sees our message and calls Papa Tony and he comes to pick up his mail!
Happy Holidays to all from the Intermediate School!

HORNELL, NY – The Hornell School District reports, that they got a letter in the mail at the Intermediate School, addressed to a “Grandpa Tony”.  It was signed “from Jericho and Andrea”.   According to the Hornell School System, the letter came from California.   Hornell School officials want to get the letter to the correct person, so anyone who knows a “Grandpa Tony” with grandchildren named Jericho and Andrea, who are in California, please contact the Hornell School system at 324-1304.

See Below, From the Hornell School FB Page: 

Hometown Holiday Mystery
This letter came all the way from California to the Intermediate School. The address that it was mailed to doesn’t exist and it was dropped off here because we were the closest.  Help us solve this holiday mystery. We want to find Grandpa Tony so he gets his letter from Jericho and Andrea. If you have any leads, contact us at the Intermediate School – 607-324-1304.