Names of the Suspects From This Morning’s Arrests

August 13, 2015
HORNELL NY – The Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker and Hornell Police have released the names of the suspects, who were charged today in a drug sweep in the Hornell area.

Charged were the following:
Dante Buchanan, 33, Hornell
Donald Washington, 56, Rochester
Sallie Draper, 61, Hornell
Rhonda Wilson, 49, Hornell
Jessica Patrick, 29, Hornell
Britney Updyke, 29, Hornell
Blaine Hunt, 33, Hornell
Monica Foskey, 46, Hornell
Sharif Page, 26, Hornell
Francesca Whitfield, 41, Hornell
Laurie Okonski, 45, Canisteo
John Corcoran, 45, Hornell
David Dugo, 60, Hornell
Officials say that David Dugo was the only one who was charged so far, who was not charged with possession with the intent to sell.