Next Era Wind Visits Hornellsville

February 10, 2016
 Ryan Pumford Nextera Energy
HORNELLSVILLE, NY – Wind company Next Era stopped by Hornellsville Town Hall on Tuesday night, to express their interest in doing wind there. Next Era says that they are the biggest wind company in the country, and that they that if approved, they’ll spend over 200 million dollars in Steuben County. They want to do wind in Hornellsville, Jasper, Hartsville and Canisteo.
Also, they want to use larger turbines from General Electric, they noted that the turbines would be larger than any other projects in Steuben County are using. Next Era also says that they have no commitments yet from Hornellsville, but that they have much interest from Hartsville.
If the project goes forward, construction could start in April 2018 and be finished by December 2018.