Nick Langworthy: The Pandemic Is Over

February 3, 2023

The pandemic is over—but it’s time the federal government starts acting like it.

That’s why we’re taking action to put a stop to the big-government COVID-19 mandates.

The House passed the Freedom for Health Care Workers Act:
• Prohibits the Secretary of Health and Human Services from mandating COVID-19 vaccines for health care workers in federally funded facilities.
• Department of Health and Human Services cannot institute a similar vaccination mandate.

The SHOW UP Act:
• Requires federal workers to get back in the office.
• Many industries have returned to the office and your taxpayer-funded employees should not be the exception.

It’s time for the facts and common-sense to take over from the politicization and hysteria. I’ve been proud to help lead the fight on these issues from Day One.

Make no mistake: the House Republican Majority will fight to end the emergency declaration!

Rep. Nicholas A. Langworthy
Member of Congress