North Hornell To Start Up A Police Dept Again

February 24, 2021

NORTH HORNELL, NY – Appearing on Newsmaker this morning, North Hornell Village Mayor John Falci reported that North Hornell, while continuing to use the Steuben County Sheriff’s Department, will be hiring some part time Canisteo Village Police Officers, to work as North Hornell Police. “What we found is, a part time police officer really wants a full time job,” Falci said. “And a full time job is not what we are looking for at this time. So we decided to end the North Hornell Police Department about a year and a half ago, two years ago. We partnered up with the sheriff’s department, they’ve done a wonderful job for us, we know that Sheriff Allard and the sheriff’s department patrols Steuben County, but we wanted some extra patrols. So we have a contract with the sheriff’s department, that states that if there are deputies on the sheriff’s dept, that they will do overtime for us. But with the Covid-19 going on, the sheriff’s department is very, very busy. They do a great job, but they are very, very busy, they have a lot have a lot of overtime that they have to deal with, because of Covid. So we decided to come up with another system to help us out.”

The solution – a shared services agreement with Canisteo. “We’re partnering with the Village of Canisteo,” Falci said. “Canisteo has several part time police officers. A part time police officer can only work 19.5 hours a week, in a certain community. So what we’re doing with Canisteo, we’re getting some of their part time police officers to come and work for North Hornell too. They are able to work for us, also for 19.5 hours, so they’re being paid almost as if it’s full time. So this is what we’re doing with Canisteo, and I’ve worked with Police Chief Kyle Amidon and Mayor Recktenwald, and we came up with a solution, that Chief Amidon would do the administration and scheduling, and the money to pay for this, comes from North Hornell. So hopefully, North Hornell residents will see a North Hornell Police Car going around the area for a few hours a day.”

In other North Hornell news, Mayor Falci is asking North Hornell residents to clean their storm drains to prevent flooding.