Old Marion Rohr Building to possibly host 22 Market Rate Apartments

June 9, 2017

HORNELL, NY – A very well respected housing development company out of Rochester, Park Grove Reality, has agreed to purchase the old Marion Rohr building for $1. The plan is to construct 22 market rate apartments with a Historic preservation designation to the century plus old building. Filing for historic status will bring much needed tax breaks to get the project up and running.

The lease is for a one year option and that time will be used for building planning, getting the Historic designation tag, and obtaining financial assistance. The total cost of the project will be over $5 million and as of this moment the company is about a million dollars short of their goal.

The IDA will still own the building during this one year period and continue to pay the insurance and heat bills.

Griffin concluded, “We have done everything to get that building marketed over the past years, new heating system, new roof along with many upgrade, and it’s really nice to get this property occupied and back on the tax rolls.”