Rail Access Coming to South Yards – Tax Breaks for the Material for Medical Arts Building

June 9, 2017

HORNELL, NY – The IDA will soon be looking at putting railroad line switches into the South Yards to make the nearby businesses accessible to railcar traffic.

“We currently have some unused state money that was originally planned for that purpose, and we want to see if we are still eligible to use it,” explained Griffin. “That is the only designated heavy industry area left in the valley, and we would like to make as much use of it as possible.”

The purpose of running railcars in that direction would be to deliver storage to Alstom warehouses, Gray Manufacturing, and Lin Industries. According to the Director, any area designated for heavy industry will want to utilize rail services.

Also the IDA is currently in negotiations to sell all building materials tax free to the future Medical Arts building planned for the old Kmart Plaza. “Anything we can do to get that project up and going with no delays is a top priority for us,” explained Griffin.

A resolution was passed to invest up to $10,000 for the renovation of the tile floor at Trikeen Tile. “They have been having issues up there with that floor for a long time and it’s about time we made a move to get it taken care of.”

And finally the iIDA has accepted the lowest bidder to replace the roof on Alstom’s plant 3 (across from lamacs AutoMaxx). The new rubber roof will run just over $200,000 with additional asbestos removal on the building coming in around $11,000. This work will be contingent on Alstom signing a long term lease extension of up to 13 more years. Their current lease expires very soon and Griffin would like to get this negotiated before they make any financial commitments to infrastructure.

The new Center for Excellence is planned for that building so it is mandatory to get it up to code. “The front of the roof on the building is in bad shape and leaks,” said Griffin, “So we would like to get right on it.”