Old Trib Location To Become Apt Building & Deputy Mayor Job Goes Fulltime

September 20, 2022

HORNELL, NY – David Militello is a Rochester business man who is buying the old Evening Tribune building at 85 Canisteo Street in Hornelll. He is going to turn it into an apartment building. Militello hopes to close the deal by October.

In other Hornell news, 6th ward councilwoman Jessica Cleveland resigned to become the full time deputy mayor. 6th ward resident, Republican Lita Brown, was appointed to fill the remaining part of the term.

Here’s what Jessica Cleveland will be working on, as the full time deputy mayor: Hornell Area Transit, the Codes’ Department’s law about vacant and abandoned properties, as well as writing a Hornell City Hall newsletter, which will be sent out to Hornell residents on a quarterly basis.