O’Mara: NY Times Story Was Accurate

Senator O’Mara: NY Times Story Adds Credibility To What Was Already Said
July 25, 2014

ALBANY, NY – Senator Tom O’Mara is criticizing Governor Andrew Cuomo over the 24 page New York Times expose, about how the governor shut down the Moreland Commission. “What was most insulting about the whole thing with the Moreland Commission was that the governor came out, and formed this Moreland Commission to clearly investigate the legislature, and started investigating every member of the legislature whether there was any evidence of wrongdoing,” O’Mara told WLEA News. “But when this commission started looking into anything the governor was involved with, the governor said, ‘no, you can’t go there.”

The NY Times story alleged that Governor Cuomo started the commission to investigate lawmakers, and then quickly closed the commission down, when investigators started going after a Cuomo donor.

“I think that there is real. legitimate issues here, things that we’ve known for months,” O’Mara said.