Open House At Swain This Sunday, Feb 20th

February 15, 2022

There is going to be an open house at Swain Ski Center on Sunday, February 20. That’s because Swain Ski Patrol is looking for a few skiers and snowboarders to join them.

Last season saw an unexpected growth in the number of skiers and snowboarders at Swain. The opportunity to play in the snow was not limited by the pandemic in the way of many other recreational activities. This trend is continuing in the current season, bolstered by Mother Nature blessing us with excellent snow conditions.

While skiing is a much safer sport than it was decades ago, there is still a need for safety and first aid volunteers. Improvements in equipment, more maneuverable skis, safer boots and bindings as well as the increased use of helmets, have greatly reduced the number of injuries. The Swain Ski Patrol currently has a roster of about seventy members. Membership Chairman Steve Walker has been tasked with raising that number by at least ten over the next few seasons.

Swain Ski Patrol, the safety and first aid volunteers at Swain, will be hosting an Open House on Sunday February 20. Many of the best skiers on the hill belong to the National Ski Patrol. This esteemed national organization was formed in the 1930s to serve the recreational ski industry. Participation in the open house, that includes a free one-day lift pass, is by no means an obligation to join Ski Patrol. It is a chance for skiers and snow boarders to have a close up look as to what the Ski Patrol does.

To reserve a spot in the open house, or any inquiries about joining Ski Patrol, contact Swain Ski Patrol membership coordinator Steve Walker at 607-382-3195 or by emailing membership@swainskipatrol.org. Participation is limited. A second open house may be scheduled for March.