Palmesano, O’Mara: End The Mask Mandates For Students

Ferbruary 15, 2022

From Assemblyman Phil Palmesano: “The court ruling, coupled with the fact that we are no longer in a state of emergency and surrounding states such as Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Delaware have all ended their school mask mandates, clearly demonstrates it is time to return our children and classrooms back to a sense of normalcy. It is time to restore local control and decision making. It is certainly long past due for this governor to return to responsible governing by working with the Legislature on important issues instead of using an improper overreach of executive power, mandates and regulations. And, it is time to end the state mask mandate on our children in our schools and day care centers.

“Last night, Assembly Democrats were given the chance to do just that and also restore our legislative authority, but they refused.

“Gov. Hochul, stop governing through mandates, executive orders and regulations. Work with the Legislature and once and for all unmask our kids,” concluded Palmesano.

From Sen Tom O’Mara: O’Mara said, “The continuation of an irrational and unscientific mask mandate for school children, without a definitive end in sight, continues to define New York as a state under the control of extreme executive order, without legislative checks and balances, and ignoring the dire need for local decision-making. New York State already ranks near the bottom in too many categories of affordability, freedoms, and quality of life. Governor Hochul is leading us toward the bottom again as neighboring states, and many places across the nation and around the world, are taking bold steps into a post-COVID return to common sense.”