Palmesano, O’Mara, And Other Republicans, React To Mask Mandate News

February 10, 2022

From Senator Tom O’Mara:
“New York State governors, first ex-Governor Cuomo, and now Governor Hochul, have been running this state into the ground by executive order and endless mandates.

“Unfortunately, it continues. This move to finally remove the mask mandate on businesses has taken far too long and its delay has taken an enormous toll on local communities, economies, and workers across the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes regions.

“New York State already ranks near the bottom in too many categories of affordability and quality of life. Governor Hochul is leading us toward the bottom again as neighboring states, and many places across the nation and around the world, are taking bold steps into a post-COVID return to common sense.

“The continuation of an irrational and unscientific mask mandate for school children, without a definitive end in sight, continues to define New York as a state under the control of extreme executive order, without legislative checks and balances, and ignoring the dire need for local decision-making.”
From Assemblyman Phil Palmesano:
“The governor’s decision to end her indoor mask mandate is welcome news and long overdue, but does not go nearly far enough. Continuing to mask our school children makes little-to-no sense as our businesses are allowed to unmask. Just as our neighboring states (PA, NJ, CT, MA & DE) have announced they are ending the mask mandate on kids in their schools, we, too, should be eliminating the mask mandate on our kids in New York schools.

“Gov. Hochul, just like her predecessor, has continued a pattern of failing to provide parents, local governments and school officials with important metrics and guidance justifying her mandates. We cannot continue this executive overreach of power and arbitrary day-by-day policy making from the executive mansion. The executive emergency powers ended. We are no longer in a state of emergency, but this administration continues to govern like we are.

“It is time to return to normalcy for our children and local communities. It is time to restore local control and decision making. It is time to return to responsible governing by working with the Legislature on important issues instead of using an improper overreach of executive power, mandates and regulations as the state Supreme Court has clearly ruled.”

From Senator George Borrello:
“The Governor’s announcement that the indoor mask mandate is ending is welcome, but long overdue news. New Yorkers have endured these unconstitutional mask mandates for more than two years. They have caused confusion, controversy and conflict, and continued to weigh on our small businesses and economic recovery.

“It is indefensible that our school children, who are at lowest risk and suffering educational and social harm from masking, will have to continue to adhere to the mandate. Where is the science that confirms masking students has any beneficial impact? These are arbitrary, unjustifiable decisions. It is time for all mandates to end and for New York State to permanently close this chapter of governing by edict.”