Primary And Special Election Results

August 23, 2022

New 23rd GOP primary
394 districts of 424 in
Nick Langworthy 24,275
Carl Paladino 22,283

The Special Election
401 districts out of 430 districts are in
Max Della Pia (D) 34,001
Joe Sempolinski (R) 38,749
Joe Sempolinski, the Republican and Conservative Party nominee in the Special Election in New York’s 23rd Congressional District has declared victory.

No word from Della Pia yet, but Sempolinski sent out this victory statement:

“It is the honor of a lifetime to be selected by my friends and neighbors to speak for them on the floor of the US House of Representatives” Sempolinski stated. “I intend to spend my time in Congress fighting for the people that have given me everything in my life. I will work to make sure that the voice of the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes is heard throughout the remainder of this Congressional term. One of the chief things that makes our nation great is that we are governed by representatives chosen by and from among the people. To be selected as one of those representatives, even for a few months, is a sacred duty.”

Mr. Sempolinski expressed thanks to all who voted in the election, volunteered for the campaign and supported him throughout this entire process, especially his family. He will be sworn in as soon as possible to be the Congressman from New York’s 23rd Congressional District.

“I am looking forward to hitting the ground running and making sure constituent services are back up and working” Sempolinski added. “We have no time to waste.”