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Prindle Avenue Apt’s Owner Speaks Out About McManus Newsletter

Real Estate Developer Speaks Out Against McManus Newsletter
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May 19, 2014

HORNELL, NY – Hornell resident and real estate developer Hewan Fraser came to Monday night’s Common Council meeting, voicing his concerns about a letter that circulated in the 6th Ward in Hornell.

Republican Alderman Dan McManus confirmed that he did send out such a letter, which McManus described as a 6th Ward newsletter. “Prindle Avenue, thanks to the newly remodeled complex there, is having major issues as far as parking/noise/trash/riff-raff/etc.,” McManus wrote. “I will continue to work diligently on a solution. I bet if city hall would have surveyed the neighborhood before they authorized the remodel, our good and longstanding homeowners in that area would have given a resounding NO to fixing it up (it sure would have been a great parking lot and small green space with a couple of green benches, but I’m just the new guy, what do I know). It’s been nothing but a burden – all in the name of generating money for the city coffers,” said the McManus newsletter.

Fraser took serious exception to the phrase “riff raff”. He says his tenants at Prindle Avenue Apartments include a Cornell University Professor, an Alstom employee, social workers, an industrial engineer and a couple tele-com industry workers.

Fraser says McManus does not return calls or emails, and Alderman McManus says the same thing about Fraser – that Fraser does not return his calls.

McManus also says there are numerous codes problems for Fraser. “The codes office has been dealing with his properties on Marshall Avenue and there’s a long list of problems there.”

Fraser told WLEA News that he has no summons or tickets from the Hornell codes office, and that all complaints are taken care of within 24 hours. Mayor Shawn Hogan denies the allegations that there are any codes violations for Fraser.

May 20, 9:16am Update: Codes Officer Bud Burdett says Hewan Fraser “maintains his properties, that he’s by no means a slumlord,” and that when codes calls Fraser, “he takes care of it.”

Hewan Fraser – Video

Alderman Dan McManus – Video

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