School Board Budget and School Board Election Results

Results of School Board/School Budget Elections
May 20, 2014

Hornell School District:
The school budget passed with 59 percent,
271 yes votes
187 no votes
Judith Rose won with 53 percent of the vote, with 227 votes.
Ralph Berardi received 200 votes.

Budget passed with 72 percent of the vote
224 yes votes
89 no votes
313 voters
Library prop: passed with 188 yes votes, 113 no votes
Liability reserves prop: passed with 223 votes, 77 no votes
School board President Michael Nisbet was re-elected with 259 votes,
and Michael Lehman was elected to the board, with 263 votes

Arkport Central:
​The budget passed with 80 percent of the vote
139 yes votes
34 no votes
173 voted
bus prop: passed by with percent
134 yes votes
20 no votes
154 voted
John Currie won a school board set, 136 votes
School board V.P. Pat Flaitz won with 137 votes

Alfred-Almond Central:
The budget passed with 81 percent,
301 yes votes
72 no votes
total of 373 voted
Incumbent Earl Pierce won his seat back again, defeating Shelly Stevens
214 Pierce
123 Stevens
the bus prop passed with 80%
297 yes votes
72 no votes
369 voted for bus prop
capital reserve proposition: passed with 86 percent
315 yes votes
52 no votes
367 total voters for capital reserve prop

Canaseraga Central:
The budget passed with 70 percent of the vote
95 yes votes
40 no votes
135 voters

Avoca Central School:
The budget passed with 78 percent of the vote
411 yes votes
114 no votes
Prop 2 (vehicle purchase) passed 389 votes
prop 3 (transportation reserve) passed 381 votes
Donald Lester won the Avoca School Board race.

​Andover Central School:
The budget passed, 156 yes votes, 64 no votes
Patrick Howland Jr and Brian perkins won the school board races.