Reed Booed On House Floor During Debate, Then Applauded At The End

March 24, 2017

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Tom Reed (R, Corning) was booed and heckled on Friday afternoon, after speaking out against Washington Democrats, for opposing the health care legislation that is about to be voted on in the House of Representatives.
AUDIO: Reed Heckled During House Debate On Health Care Bill Reform (The Faso/Collins Repeal Legislation)

Reed: I heard my colleagues on the other side of the aisle say, ‘it’s not perfect, we need to repair it. But yet today, we take the first step, in this endeavor, by the legislation that’s before us –
(Booing begins from House Floor)
Reed: And all we hear –
Reed: Regular order, Mr. Speaker.
(heckling, inaudible)
Reed: All we hear, is how bad this is.
Speaker: The House will come to order.
Reed: All –
Speaker: The House will come to order. The gentleman will suspend until House comes to order.
Reed: All we hear, is how bad this legislation is.
Speaker: The gentleman, the gentleman suspends. And the gentlemen and the gentle ladies in the chamber, will cease from conversation.

Entire Audio of Reed’s part of the House Debate, with applause at the end: