Reed, Gillibrand, And Others, Talk About January 6th

January 6, 2022

From Congressman Tom Reed:

“January 6th, 2021 was the darkest day of my Congressional career and one of my saddest days as an American,” said Reed. “That evening on the House floor I joined my Democrat colleague Josh Gottheimer to speak to my commitment for unity, respect, and civility. Let us all use this one year anniversary to recommit to that message of unifying our country and healing the wounds of divisiveness. We must reject extremism on both sides because we are a stronger country when we work together and celebrate our common bonds.”

From Senator Kirsten Gillibrand:

“The violent insurrection on January 6th was and is a stain on our American democracy. We were doing our jobs, counting Electoral College results and making sure the election was certified when a violent mob waged an attack our Capitol in an attempt to subvert the will of the American people. I remain incredibly grateful for and inspired by our Capitol Police officers who risked their lives to protect us and our democratic institutions.

There can be no denying what happened. We owe it to the American people to see the investigation through, uncover the facts, and understand President Trump’s role. We must hold those responsible accountable – it’s important for history, it’s important to uphold the integrity of our nation, and it’s vital to preventing this from ever happening again. As we move forward, we must continue our efforts to seek the truth, uphold the sacred right to vote, heal our nation, bridge our divides, and make it clear that there is only one way to win an election: democratically.”

From Leslie Danks Burke:

“One year ago today, we watched the appalling attempt by the former President of the United States, after losing re-election, to undermine our democratic republic by inspiring a violent assault on the U.S. Capitol that left multiple people dead, and countless more traumatized and injured.

“Every participant in the January 6th attack on our country’s orderly transition of power struck a blow against our core Constitutional rights – but they did not win. I’m a patriotic progressive who has long fought to strengthen democracy, and I stand against those Republicans who lie about and refuse to accept the will of the voters, and are too cowardly to condemn this attack on our Constitution.

“We honor those who lost their lives defending our nation, by ensuring that every person responsible for that terrible day is held to account.”