Reed Mentioned Twice By Washington News Outlet

August 3, 2015


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Reed has been mentioned recently in two online articles in thehill.com, and the articles were in part, about Reed’s relationship with House Speaker John Boehner. A May 14th article quoted Reed as going publicly up against the speaker. It explained that Reed agreed with South Carolina Republican Mike Mulvaney when complained that he was not being able to speak enough with the leadership. Reed told thehill.com that Mulvaney’s concern about Boehner, was legitimate.
A July 14th article from the same Washington news website,  quoted West Virginia Republican Alex Mooney as accusing Reed of preventing him from being a co-sponsor on a bill to help diabetics, on legislation that Mooney wanted to be a part of. Mooney alleged that Reed prevented him from being on the bill, because Reed and John Boehner did not like how Mooney voted against a trade bill. Conservative group Citizens United were quoted by the Hill as saying that they wanted Reed to “reconsider this petty act of retaliation.” However, Mooney told The Hill that after writing a letter to Reed, he and Reed had a good phone conversation, and Mooney said that Reed might put Mooney’s name back on the bill to help diabetics. We checked congress.gov and it shows that Reed did exactly that. Congress dot gov shows Mooney’s name was put on the diabetes legislation, on July 16th.