Schumer Fights New Federal Rule He Says Will Hurt Photonics Center in Rochester

August 2, 2015
ROCHESTER, NY – Last Monday, we reported that Alfred University is going to be a part of a new photonics center in Rochester.
Senator Chuck Schumer says that he is asking three federal agencies (the Department of Defense, the Department of Commerce and the State Department) to re-write a new rule that Schumer says, would derail that new photonics research center in Rochester.
According to Schumer, a new federal rule would block the new photonics institute from exporting, and as such it would hurt the institute with overseas markets.
“Specifically, this proposed rule would prevent optics and photonics companies in Rochester from exporting certain products for commercial, non-military purposes around the world by putting them on a list meant to protect sensitive military technology,” said Schumer. The senior U.S. senator from New York noted that this rule would limit the export of high tech components manufactured by the industry, and could block the Rochester photonics industry from accessing vital foreign markets. “Laser and infrared technology, initially used in military devices, have many commercial uses, often in life saving healthcare products. These components should have the appropriate avenues for export approval to allow for their needed use in healthcare and to support U.S.production. If the rule were to be implemented, it would make the U.S. industry less internationally competitive and could force optics and photonics production overseas.”