Reed Stops By Elmira, Robertson Visits Corning

Reed/Robertson Appearances On Wednesday
July 2, 2014

Republican Congressman Tom Reed was in Elmira yesterday, talking about his job bill for roofing companies. “It’s common sense to fix the unfair and outdated depreciation schedule for taxpayers so that we’re supporting construction and manufacturing jobs while encouraging energy efficiency,” Reed said. “It doesn’t make sense to put off money-saving upgrades when we can help local businesses replace their roofs sooner with newer, more energy-efficient technology.”

Also yesterday, Reed’s Democrat opponent Martha Robertson held a press conference outside Reed’s former law office in Corning. Robertson, according to Corning media outlets, accused Reed of taking junket trips paid for by private companies, and enjoying other perks. Robertson also was quoted as saying that, “Reed says Americans cannot afford food stamps and unemployment insurance.”

Reed was quoted as responding that it’s attack and character assassination on Robertson’s part.