Republicans Win The Maps Case In The State Court Of Appeals

April 27 2022

The Republicans, represented by Elmira Attorney George Winner, have won the maps/redistricting case, in the New York State Court of Appeals. This means two big things: one, Judge Pat McAllister’s map master will have to draw all new maps for the congress and state senate lines, statewide; two, the New York State Primary will have to be delayed, instead of being held on June 28, there will have to be another primary on a later date, requiring an all new political petition process.

From Attorney George Winner: “I was hopeful that this would be the outcome. I thought we had a good case in particular with the congressional lines, and I was hopeful that the senate lines would be redrawn as well. That’s because we believed the same theory that was set forth by our expert, Mr. Prendi, pertained to the senate as well as the congress. That’s what the courts determined, and they determined that the process required under the constitution was not followed, and therefore the maps are invalid and have to be redrawn by a map master.”

From Steuben County Democrat Chairman Shawn Hogan: “I’m not surprised at the decision. I would like to have some direction as far as how these primaries will go, on how to manage these primaries. This throws everything into complete disarray. I’ve never seen such a system like they have in New York State. It’s just archaic, people are turned off by it. Whether you’re Republican or Democrat or Independent.”

From Steuben County GOP Chairman Joe Sempolinski: “We’re going to have new, fair, constitutional maps that will be drawn. And that will be in accordance with the will of the people of the state of New York. The people of the state of New York said they didn’t want gerrymandering when they put in place the 2014 amendment to the state constitution. Now, the people will get what they choose for and asked for, and I think it’s a wonderful thing.”

From Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, Long Island): “New York’s Court of Appeals just tossed the hyper-partisan, gerrymandered Congressional and State Senate maps for the state. This is excellent news for the people of New York and yet another big time defeat for Kathy Hochul and her Democrat allies.”

There has been no statement as of yet, from Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul.

From Senator George Borrello: “Today’s ruling by the Court of Appeals is a major victory for New Yorkers who have repeatedly rejected a redistricting process tainted by politics and comprised of backroom deal making. Even the Democrat-appointed members of the court recognized the egregious gerrymandering of the congressional and legislative maps submitted by One Party Rule. The will of the people prevailed today.”