Rob Astorino and Sheriff Moss Weigh In On Protests Against NYPD

August 23, 2014

NEW YORK, NY – New York State GOP candidate for Governor Rob Astorino, and Lt. Governor candidate, Sheriff Christopher Moss, have issued a joint statement, regarding the protests against the New York City Police Department, over the death of Eric Garner.:

“Sheriff Moss and I stand firmly behind the NYPD in the face of a growing war on cops designed by Reverend Sharpton and a few spineless politicians. No organization is perfect, and in an international city of 8.5 million residents, mistakes are bound to happen. Eric Garner’s death was a tragedy that likely could have been avoided had he complied with lawful orders. We have the utmost confidence in DA Donovan’s ability to investigate and reveal a thorough accounting of the facts. However, the war on our men and women in blue started long before Eric Garner’s death and is being waged based on personal and political interests, the results of which will be catastrophic for the safety and well being of New Yorkers and our visitors.

“This city and state needs leaders who support New York’s finest–a moniker they did not receive by accident. They are men and women representing nearly every ethnicity in the world with the common purpose of keeping this city safe and saving lives. . We should be celebrating them for a job well done.”