Sen. Young Working To Pass Law So That Rebate Checks Are On Time

February 13, 2017


ALBANY, NY – State Senator Catharine Young (R, Olean) reports that her legislation to require the State Department of Taxation and Finance to postmark all STAR Personal Income Tax (STAR PIT) credit checks in advance of September 15, to ensure that taxpayers receive their rebate with adequate time to pay their school tax bills, has passed the state Senate.  The bill also specifies that if the advance checks are not post marked by September 15, the state must reimburse taxpayers for interest and penalties imposed by the school district for late payment.

“New homeowners should not be penalized because the state’s system has changed and they now receive their STAR PIT credit as a rebate check instead. The rebate is supposed to be pre-paid to homeowners, but many hardworking property taxpayers have been frustrated with the delay, or lack of payment by the Department of Taxation and Finance. The state agency has a responsibility to provide relief for our overburden taxpayers and homeowners deserve to be compensated with interest if the state cannot meet its obligation,” said Senator Young.   “I have heard overwhelmingly from homeowners who have become frustrated by the slow disbursement of STAR PIT credit checks. The state needs to make sure homeowners are receiving their full benefits in a timely fashion. Hardworking taxpayers deserve this relief, and they should not bear the additional tax burden while the state holds on to their money,” Senator Young said.

“I strongly urge the Assembly Majority to follow our lead and pass this important taxpayer protection measure,” said Senator Young.