Senator Young Issues Statement About Child Victims Protection Legislation

March 30, 2018

ALBANY, NY – An organization called the NYAHP, New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators, issued a statement earlier this week, saying that they were going to protest at the events of several Republican state senators, and write to the voters of these lawmakers, and they included State Senator Cathy Young in this list of senators (the others were Bonacic, DeFrancisco, Gallivan and Lanza). NYAHP maintains that the reason for this protest activity was because they believed that these senators could persuade State Senate Republican leader John Flanagan to take up the Child Victim Protection Act, for a vote. The Child Victim Protection Act legislation, would, among other things, get rid of the statute of limitations for those suspected of/accused of sexual abuse of minors. Below is a statement from Senator Cathy Young, on this subject:

“Every victim deserves to be heard and every child abuser deserves to be punished.

That is why the Senate led the charge to pass the 2006 law which removes the criminal statute of limitations for the most serious sexual offenses, including sexual conduct against a child. The law also extended from one year to five years, the civil statute of limitations to give victims more time to seek financial recourse from their attackers.

We have consistently led the fight for tougher criminal justice measures that would mandate longer prison sentences for those who abuse children, efforts which, in most instances, have been opposed by New York City-controlled legislators.

The suffering of innocent children at the hands of depraved individuals is both heartbreaking and incomprehensible. Punishing those who perpetrate such crimes and delivering justice to victims is a priority for everyone.

We are in the throes of passing a $168 billion state budget which is where we need to concentrate our efforts and attention right now. We will continue to work on helping victims of sexual abuse before the end of session.”